I wasn't going to post about this since I barely have material from the trip, but I did write about my work trip to London, so hey, why not. So, I was in Tallinn, Estonia in February on business, and here are a whopping five pictures from the trip. Spoilers: none of them are of the stunningly charming Old Town, or the two top-tier restaurants I dined at, Rataskaevu16 and Chakra.

In my hotel room, almost 12 hours of travel & work behind me (hence no smile)

Our hotel was The von Stackelberg, and it was all kinds of wonderful.

Look at this stunning office!

Our hosts were absolutely wonderful, and the snacks even more so.

Close-up of the apples of my eye

That's about it. The trip was very short (one night), and most of it was spent on business which I don't have many pictures of — and the few I have are even less interesting than these, so no one's losing here.

This was my second time in Estonia, which is very little for a Finn, but I hope to get to go back soon enough. Tallinn is a beautiful city that doesn't get the attention it deserves (globally, that is — us Finns are all about it).